If I’m writing an advice for you or preparing for a conference I will need to consider all of the relevant documentation you have.

This will include:

  • All medical reports (both yours and any the Defendants have produced)
  • Any pleadings (Particulars of Claim and Defence)
  • Any Schedule of Special Damages
  • Any witness statements

It’s also very important that I know exactly what it is that you want me to advise upon !

In order to make the information you send as easy as possible to review, please bear the following points of guidance in mind:

a) Ideally, I prefer that all documents are sent electronically eg by email or Dropbox. You can also photograph and send documents to me.

b) You can also send all copies to my chambers address.

c) Please, never send any original documents – only copies. If there is essential documentation involved that it is not possible to copy, please discuss with me making arrangements for the safe delivery and return of any such documents.

It is not until I am in receipt of your signed client care letter that you are liable for any fees.

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